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Freelance is an original webseries dramedy following six New Yorkers through a Monday afternoon. The show is character-driven without a clear protagonist, exploring the unglamorous daily experiences of freelancers, trying to make a living—and a life—as people who are at home during the traditional work day. The mundane is profound, the loneliness is typical, and the women are in focus.


     The stories explore emotional distance and physical proximity; diverse viewpoints, crises, experiences and humans all existing in one small corner of a giant city, trapped in themselves and unaware of each other.


     The goal is for audiences to empathize with imperfect characters, see themselves represented on screen, and invest in the stories unfolding around them in their own lives. Freelance digs into stereotypes, subverts expectations, and asks audiences to invest in the triumphs and heartbreaks happening around them every day. 

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“[Freelance is] a story about flawed humans experiencing life’s highs and lows and feeling real, uncensored emotions. It will have you laughing and crying and rooting for the characters.”

-TVshowPilot (full review here)